Monday, June 10, 2013

Courage and Might, make all things right....

I begin my first inspirational post on someone that I feel continuously inspired by. Her story is something I find amazing and commonly links us all together.  Soon you will see why as I introduce whom I would like to call out as CrossFit family....Diana.

Diana has a familiar story if you read back to my very first blog.  She too struggles with weight and has all of her life.  Diana has tried so many types of workouts, even losing 90 pounds while doing Zumba, swimming and weight watchers.  But I dare to ask, what kind of life is that?  For the average person, you are asking they give up everything they have grown up to hold dear; foods, lifestyle, habits, interests, and so on.  Not impossible to change, but who honestly wants to?  Once you give up everything you have enjoyed for so many years to reach a single goal, you can begin to resent it. 

Not for my friend Diana.  Instead, she seeked a new/better way of reaching her goal. In doing so, she faced her own painful outlook and tried something new...CrossFit.  At first, she didn't find the achievement she desperately seeked with CF but she later stumbled upon KOCF.  Since,she has come to love and adore CrossFit. Only starting since October, she has quickly migrated from 3 times a week workout to now working out 5 times a week; two of those days working out twice so she can also conquer our "Strongman" classes. I too admit, her commitment is impressive.

A mother of two, Diana reflects many of the common conflicts we all face; food addiction and self doubt.  And yet, after her introduction at KOCF, she has found new ideas, strengths and addictions.  What nearly brought me to tears was her honesty about herself; self doubt, body image and weight struggles. Something I know all too well but she said something that rang in me louder then the liberty bell herself.  In all of that honestly, she exclaimed "I will finish this, no matter what.  I am not giving up on me, not this time." I know what she means now, thanks to CrossFit.  She means that no matter how difficult the class or the worry of finishing last, all that matters to me is that I finished.  I conquered.  I completed the challenge.

Diana has done exactly that.  Not concentrating on her body weight for once, she has concentrated on her ability.  In doing so, she has set multiple personal records.  She has even found her self image confronted by wondering into class with a tank top only to be complimented by her CrossFit peers on her fit appearance.  Something she never expected or requested.  This in itself is an intense motivation, one that I have never stumbled upon at home, at the gym or anywhere else until I found my CrossFit family where I have done the work.  Finding a new group of friends, or even a new family who remains in contact with you every single day to help encourage your new goals and remind you on how amazing you truly are. This family has even inspired Diana to establish goals she never thought possible.  Goals I hope to one day accomplish with her.  That is what CrossFit is about. Family without judgement.  Family with inspiration.

It is my hope and dream to share that more, each and everyday with you, about how CrossFit becomes not a lifestyle....but a life. Meeting people who become your biggest cheerleaders, challenging yourself and overall jumping at the top of those victorious stairs that you never thought you could reach.  Diana is one of those people.  Ever reaching for the stars.  Forever smiling no matter how far.  Seeing yourself one way and changing that direction, no matter where you are in life. One of many, my inspiration...

My friend Diana before...and her many challenges/happy faces since...

My goals are united with my dear friend/family Diana.  May you inspire the world as you have inspired me.
I feel your heart and want to wish I could beat more into my description of who you are and who we all truly inspire to be as your story is strong and your spirit even stronger.

~Anna Dubya