Friday, January 11, 2013

Bench it with Paleo

I'm aliiiiiive!  I was out of commission for a week thanks to attracting both bronchitis and the flu last weekend.  So I was forced to take a week off from Crossfit, something I haven't done in 6 months.  The first day back, ya, that was tough.  For a week, I was out of breathe by just peeling an orange.  So my first warm-up of the week included hacking coughs like a 70 year old smoker, lots of stares from my fellow crossfitters and an icey cold bengay burning sensation in my chest.  While that all sounds terrific, I pushed through and by the end...felt oh so much better. 

I was even surprised by my performance this week. WOD times were good, set a new personal deadlift record of 215 lbs, mile run was less than 12 minutes (usually take longer) and the best part...I didn't have that 70 year old smoker cough during the WODs.  My body was cooperating and now I feel great!

I certainly have missed crossfit and most of all my crossfit family.  So to celebrate the completion of my first WOD week of 2013, after our WOD today we partnered up for a bonus WOD.  A bonus WOD which included a few wall balls then bench press your WOD partner.  Here I am, working extra hard.  Ok, it may have been a "little" unfair seeing my partner was probably 95 lbs and I weighed in today at 201.3 lbs.  But hey, laying there is hard work people!
I keed, I keed!  I admit, I missed you guys and am so glad to be back in the swing of things.  I am a 6am crossfitter and have missed the usual, good morning laughs, was that warm-up our workout?, WOD attack with serious face, victorious collapse on the floor followed by post WOD laughs. My daily workouts always put me in a good mood (unless there are burpees), giving me a great start to my day.  

Oh, ya...the paleo challenge.  I started on Monday weighing in at 205 lbs.  Found a great free app called myKitchen that has some GREAT paleo recipes.  One of which was brownies, which I made and were actually pretty darn good.  They really should be called fat burners, seeing that the ingredients were all items that actually help your body burn fat naturally without even trying; coconut oil, almonds, etc.  Good stuff, and it helps that the local Kroger sells grass fed beef, nitrate/nitrite free meats, etc.  So I am paleo happy these days!

Happy to be back and look forward to seeing you all again soon!
Anna Dubya

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