Friday, December 28, 2012

Form Play

A lot of my workouts before I found crossfit had one and only one goal in mind...hurry and get it over with.  However, with crossfit I have so many goals that I could dedicate an entire blog entry on them. I admit, there is a level of competition in crossfit at times, especially when you really don't want to be the last to finish. I know this because for months, I was nearly always the last to finish.  Sometimes finishing 20 minutes after everyone else with that awkward "they are watching me." feeling.  Don't worry about all that.  Your true competition is yourself.  

  • Think you can't finish, prove to yourself you can. Your body is a machine.
  • Want to stop simply because everyone else is done, tune the world out and finish at your own pace.  
  • Rushing through it to try and keep up, stop and reset your mind to ensure your form is good.  
  • Not sure of your form, ask a crossfit instructor to watch you.  
  • Thinking about cutting a few reps out because you "just want to finish", you deserve the best workout possible (don't cheat yourself my friend).  

The best part of the WOD...finishing everything with good form.  I am still working on my form. When I get fatigued, that is where I have to concentrate the most.  If I get sloppy just because I want to hurry and finish, I am likely to hit an injury.  I have already accomplished this with deadlifts by lifting like I was the hunchback of Notre Dame.  Bad deadlifts = bad back.  When I first started, my squats were also all ballerina toes.  Bad squats = bad knees.  I have had to face these injuries because I rushed and got sloppy.  But now, not only do I listen to the instructor go over form...I practice it.  It isn't as cool with a PVC pipe, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  I have also found that it helps to know which muscle I should be feeling during my workout.  For instance, I now know if I don't feel my butt and hamstrings during a deadlift...I am doing something wrong.  Just remember that the WOD is for you, to help you, to improve you overall...and good form is a huge part of that.  Hitting the muscle groups meant to be hit and avoiding injury, it all pays off in the end even if your time is a bit slower at first.  My time has gotten a lot better thanks to good form and less breaks.  Even now when I run, I am not totally gasping for air like I was in the beginning.  It is a great feeling!

Unable to go 4 days without crossfit, I decided to get a pass at a local gym and redo the 12 days of barbell Christmas on Monday morning.  (My favorite WOD to date!)  My brother wanted to try it with me, so off we went to face off with the local gym.  No disrespect to local gyms, but the equipment felt, well, limited.  I guess after going to a crossfit gym where the barbells are plenty, pull-up bars as far as the eye can see, medicine balls for all to use, GHD sit-up bars everywhere, kettle bells ringing, and so on, I was expecting the local gym to have the same type of equipment. But alas, most of everything was machine driven and even their barbells were tied to specific machines/benches.  Working with what I had, I weaved a barbell free from the machine it was tied to and we were off!

Right away, I went over how important form is with my brother.  I would show him, in detail, what to do and he would execute it with me as his guide.  I used all of the "Anna, get your elbows up.", "Anna, use your heels.", "Anna, keep your chest high.", and so on to ensure what I learned was passed onto him.  I was so proud as he did really well and even finished the WOD with really good form.  He is a natural crossfitter!  Sorry for the picture quality.  The iPhone doesn't really take good pictures when someone is in mid-movement.

Alas, I am excited to start my 60-day Paleo challenge next week!  Today's weigh in was 200.9 lbs, which is actually not too bad if I say so myself with all the Christmas food temptations around last week.  It is a very tiny loss (.1 lbs) from last week.  This weekend I plan on getting my paleo grocery list written, menu's typed up and everything purchased before the challenge begins so all I need to do is cook.  Oh, and I also found a local ATL restaurant that serves grass fed beef!!!  Paleo baby!

Happy crossfitting into the New Year my friends!
Anna Dubya

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