Friday, October 26, 2012

Friends in crossfit places...

All the way from California, I would like to introduce you to Kim.  A mom of 2, soccer player of 35 years and a fitness fanatic. Visiting our humble city for 2 weeks on business, I asked her to join me at crossfit.  She has listened to me brag about it for months, so she was definitely down to experience it for herself.  Needless to say, even for a girl who plays 3-4 soccer games a week, first day of crossfit wasn't exactly a walk in the park.  Her body is trained for soccer so her muscle memory made it so she could play in her sleep, no problem.  However, the introduction to crossfit was taking that muscle memory and turning it into an etch-a-sketch.

It was hard not to laugh when she pointed out where she was sore and to what extent, because I have been there.  Truth be told, months later I am still there. For instance, at the end of day 1 at work, she looked at me and plopped her arm on the desk then announced "My arm is dead". Day 2, a much needed glass of wine was self prescribed which quickly revived the "dead arm".  Day 3, feeling good after a night of stretches.  Day 4, walking proved to be a challenge as she somehow walked at an angle off the sidewalk and onto the pavement, laughing while she was trying to regain control over her buckling legs.  However, at the end of the WOD on day 5, the soreness was lifted leaving just a subtle hint of the workout but otherwise returning her to almost normal.  I promise, doing 5 days a week will lift that soreness that slows down the simplest tasks like sitting on a toilet. Even with all that, week 2, she was still bout it bout it.  I was so proud of her for keeping it up, even completing 10 WODs in 2 weeks!

Although she leaves for California today, she has purchased a groupon to continue her crossfit lifestyle back at home!  You go girl!  When I asked what she thought of crossfit, she responded "I like that it changes and is challenging.  And even if you are active and you think you are in shape, it still challenges you. It kicks your butt."  Well said my friend!

Here we are after her 5th WOD...

Even Sunday, we refused to rest and instead attacked a zipline course.  Climbing, suspending, balancing, etc.   It was a lot of fun and I have to admit that if I didn't have the training I received from crossfit, there was no way I would have been able to finish 3 courses.  It took a lot of arm strength, especially for someone with an extreme fear of heights like myself who did a constant full squat as I moved from one obstacle to the next.  

All in all, it has been a GREAT 2 weeks.  Weigh in today showed 199.2 lbs (still under 200 hundred....booya!).  That is a 1.7 gain since last week, but I realize that no matter what my weight will fluctuate like a roller coaster.  Try not to beat yourself and disect everything you did to try and isolate why you gained weight even though diet and exercise was on point.  The important factor is to NOT allow it to distract you from your goals.  

"Don't stop believin"
Anna Dubya

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